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Çariklı Kilise in Göreme. Photo: Horst Hallensleben, via University of Vienna/Europeana

Europeana, a database incorporating many of the European Union’s cultural heritage collections, has added a number of Cappadocian monuments to its vast holdings.

A search for “Göreme” yields over 200 results. Note that you do need to use the Turkish spelling (i.e. include the umlaut over the ö). Most of these are recent additions from the Hallensleben collection, provided by the University of Vienna.*


*Many thanks to Fani Gargova, Byzantine Research Associate at Dumbarton Oaks for bringing this to my attention.



Last week I was introduced to Europeana, a giant repository of cultural heritage advocating Linked Open Data, at The Digital World of Art History conference held at Princeton’s Index of Christian Art. Europeana links data from many European cultural and scientific institutions, meaning that thousands of documents, photographs, and objects are searchable under one website.
Europeana’s entries are in various languages, and a search for “cappadoce” in this treasure trove turned up a video from Ina, a French audiovisual archive. Narrated in French, the 12-minute film, “Turquie: Voyage sans passeport” shows Byzantine rock-cut architecture, Greek mansions, close-up views of frescoes, and daily life in several villages during 1959. Follow the link to watch the film online, no passport necessary.

A screen shot from “Turquie: Voyage sans passeport.” Watch the film online: